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We are a leading Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of measuring Thread Gauge, Plain and Pin Gauges. Powered by innovation, technology and uncompromised quality, we provide high-performance products and exceptional services.

In the year 2011, M/s. Engineering Supplies began as a Trading Company. Fuelled by the desire to redefine the measuring Thread, Plain and Pin gauge industry, the company enhanced its capabilities in quick time. Soon, we developed expertise in the field by partnering with leading gauge manufacturers in India. As a result of our relentless pursuit for limitless growth, today we are one of the World's Largest Stockists & Dealers of high-quality Thread, Plain and Pin gauges in India, offering a world-class experience and unparalleled services to customers.

M/s. Engineering Supplies has traversed an exciting journey to grow from humble beginnings into the company we are today. We are now a trusted and reliable name, manufacturing a wide range of advanced and high accuracy gauges as per customer requirements.

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NPL and NABL Certified Gauges

All Thread Gauges are supplied with TEST Certification accredited from NPL or NABL (ISO/IEC 17025) standards Laboratory.

Our Product Range

Thread Gauges - Our Thread Gauge stock range for ISO Metric covered for TPG & TRG is from M1 to M500 Unified covered for TPG & TRG is from No. 0 to 8” Full Ranges of BSP, BSPT, NPT, NPTF, ANPT Gauges.

METRIC, UNIFIED, HELICOIL, WHITWORTH, BSP, BSPT, NPT, NPTF, PTF, IS TAPER THREADS, PG THREADS, B.S. Conduit, B.S. Cycle, ACME, TRAPEZOIDAL as per applicable National & International Standards prepared by ISO, DIN, ANSI & JIS with various tolerance & LH thread profiles.

Our Reach

Our products reach worldwide. We export gauges to many countries outside India in association with our partners and customers. As a testament to our strength, the tested, efficient and high-precision products supplied are the main choice of engineers, manufacturers from Mechanical industries, MNCs, private companies and government entities.

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For over a period of 11 years, engaged in Trading and Manufacturing of quality Thread Gauges in India.

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  • We are the leading manufacturer of wide range of advanced and high accuracy thread gauges as per customer requirements. Visit our site for more details.

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