Rigorous Processes

  • Gauges manufactured go through a rigorous Heat Treatment procedure as follows: Stress Relieving - Pre heating - Austenitizing - Quenching - Tempering (1st & 2nd) - Sub Zero treatment - Tempering (3rd).
  • Note: We provide Deep Cryogenic Treatment as per customer requirement.
  • Our gauges are manufactured from OHNS Tungsten based Oil Hardening Non-Shrinking steel which ensures uniform microstructure, hardness, wear resistance, stability, and the durability of the gauge.

NPL and NABL Certified Gauges

All Thread Gauges are supplied with TEST Certification accredited from NPL or NABL (ISO/IEC 17025) standards Laboratory.

Quality Assurence

The highly qualified engineering team helps in developing an excellent range of gauges to support even the most demanding applications from customers. Standard & Non-Standard ISO Metric, Unified, BSP, BSPT, NGT, NPT, NPTF, ANPT gauges with various tolerance & RH / LH thread profiles are available.

We Manufacture All Standard & Non-Standard Gauges All gauges are made with utmost precision and the best quality. Browse our website to find the gauge that suits your requirement.

  • ISO Metric parallel thread gauges.
  • Unified parallel thread gauges.
  • ISO parallel pipe thread gauges (BSP).
  • NPT taper thread gauges.
  • HELICOIL, ACME, TRAPEZOIDAL, BUTTRESS as per customer’s requirement.
  • BSPT taper thread gauges.
  • BS Cycle thread gauges.
  • Squareness checking of face & concentricity of ID with respect to threading as per customer’s requirement.
  • Square Threads.
  • Round Threads.

Product Highlights

We help our customers to maximize productivity, capability and efficiency with products that are made of premium quality material, follow the highest standards of quality with rigorous processes and comply with widely accepted certifications in India and across the globe

For over a period of 11 years, engaged in Trading and Manufacturing of quality Thread Gauges in India.

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  • We are the leading manufacturer of wide range of advanced and high accuracy thread gauges as per customer requirements. Visit our site for more details.

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