• Engineering Supplies is the leading manufacturer in India for Precision Measuring Pins & Thread Measuring Wires.
  • A world class manufacturing facility equipped with Grinding & Lapping machines as per international standards.
  • Our advanced quality inspection lab is NABL (ISO / IEC 17025) accredited.
  • We manufacture Measuring Pins in both Inches & MM sizes.
  • Measuring Pins are available with variety of sizes (sets & loose) in dedicated wooden box or plastic box packaging.
  • Measuring Pin Set Range : Ø 0.50mm to Ø 25.00mm in different steps of 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.001, 0.005 mm.
  • Measuring Pin Set Range : Ø 0.010” to Ø 1.000” in steps of 0.001”.
  • Loose Pins in MM & Inches are supplied in standard & non-standard sizes of different steps as per customer’s requirement.
  • Measuring Pins are manufactured from High Quality Alloy Steel (EN31) which are Sub-Zero treated for dimensional stability.
  • Measuring Pins are hardened upto 58 to 62 HRC.
  • Manufacturing Tolerance : ± 0.001mm & ± 0.002mm (Different tolerance can be maintained as per customer’s requirement)
  • Measuring Pins up to Ø 1.50mm are manufactured upto 40mm length.
  • Measuring Pins with sizes above Ø 1.50mm are manufactured upto 50mm length.
  • Measuring Pins are without Knobs & are supplied as per customer’s request only.

Thread Measuring Wire Set Range : Ø 0.170mm to Ø 6.350mm 21 sets in 2 wires & 3 wires are available. Loose Thread Measuring Wires Range : Ø 0.170mm to Ø 6.350mm in 3 wire set are available.


  • Bore Checking
  • Thread Measuring Activity
  • Centre Distances
  • Thickness Checking
  • EDM Wire Cut Measuring Setting
  • Pressing Dies Inspection
  • P.C.B.
  • Step Diameter Checking
  • Gear Pitch Measurement
  • Groove Dimensions
  • Gear Shaft Checking
  • Inspection of Micro Meters
  • Key Inspection

Product Aesthetics :
Measuring pins are available with variety of sets in well-polished weatherproof high quality wooden boxes to avoid environment influence.

For over a period of 11 years, engaged in Trading and Manufacturing of quality Thread Gauges in India.

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